Friday, August 31, 2007


Here's Sherman with his baby bro. (Or sis?) Paul seems to think all Desert Tortoises are male. Kinda like how I thought dogs were boys and cats were girls until I was about 22. Anyway, this gives you an idea of how big Sherm has gotten and how little our new baby is.

See how he's sitting there not eating while Sherm mounges? That worries me. In fact, if that little sucker doesn't start eating soon he's going back to mom & pop cuz I can't have another one die under my care. It hurts too much.

Here's another one of the two of them in the Happy Habitat. You can just barely see the baby amongst the rocks.

I can't tell you really when my love for Desert Tortoises first started. I honestly don't know. I've just always felt for them. When we adopted Tank, many years ago, I could sit and watch him for hours. They're so gentle, and vulnerable, and I feel for them having to carry that shell around. It's their only defense, but my God, what a burden. One wrong move, they're on their backs and it's over.

It's a wonder they've survived this long.