Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Look! I'm Posting! I'm Posting!

Thanks to Stephen P for the email encouraging me not to give up on my blog just because I fell in love. I will do my best.

There’s an article in the paper today about Parker Chamberlin. He killed his mother back in 2001 at the age of 15. That was quite a shocking and terribly sad story. Seemingly out of the blue Parker, known to be a quiet, nice kid, walked several miles in the middle of the night, stabbed his mother to death, and then walked back to his friend’s house. Crazy. It’s kind of spooky to think I nice kid could just snap like that.

There was some talk back then about him being on steroids, but I guess they never presented the evidence at his trial. Now Parker has a new attorney and they’re asking for a new trial. Now he claims the “steroids forced him to kill his mother.” Forced him? I can see how they may have caused him to get crazy, but really, can any medication really force someone to kill?

If so, those are some pretty darn strong drugs.