Tuesday, September 25, 2007

South High Supremacists

There’s an article in the paper today about South High School – the school turns 50 this year. They have little snippets from some alumni, including good ol’ Herb Benham himself (class of 1972.) One of the people they interviewed that graduated in 1986 commented on how strange it was being a black student at a school whose “mascots are representations of the Southern Confederacy.” I never thought about it like that before, but I have to admit that’s pretty messed up.

I wonder whose bright idea it was to name South’s mascot the rebels. There are pictures taken in the 60’s that show the band actually waving confederate flags! I’m surprised they haven’t changed it after all these years. I mean, they changed the name of the Thompson mascot from Tyrolean to Timber wolves just because no one knew what a Tyrolean was.

You’d think they’d change the South High Rebels because they DO know what they are.