Wednesday, October 24, 2007

An Actual Conversation

A young man walks into my office with a couple of band aids on some very obviously deep wounds on his head.

“Oh my goodness” I say, “What happened to your head?”

“I got into a fight,” he said.

“Yes, but…how’d you get those holes in your head?”

“Someone hit me in the head with a hammer” he responded.

“What!?! Oh my gawd! Are you okay? Did you go to the hospital?”

“Naw” he says “The wait was too long.”

“Did you at least call the police?” I ask.

“Yeah, someone did and they came but I wouldn’t tell them who did it.”

“You do know it’s not okay to run around hitting people in the head with a hammer don’t you? It’s against the law” I reason.

“Naw…I’ll be alright” he answers.

“Apparently he should have hit you harder.”