Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Big Burrito Ban

For some reason the news is making a big stink over the fact that a small Mexican Tacqueria is banning BHS students from its restaurant during school hours. Actually, they’re not banned, they’re only allowed if there are accompanied by an adult. I know we sometimes have to scrape for news in Bakersfield, but this is ridiculous.

The paper, TV stations, and even the radio are asking people to call in and voice their opinion…Do you think the restaurant has the right to refuse service to all students just because of a few rowdy kids? Hell yes they do. What’s the big deal? I can’t think of any business that would enjoy an onslaught of hungry teenagers in a hurry to eat and get back to class. I remember the mayhem of Taco Bell when I was in high school. You were lucky if you didn’t get trampled.

If I remember correctly Larson’s Dairy by West had a rule of only allowing a few kids in at a time. Makes sense to me. A large collection of teenagers in a small space can only lead to no good. Just ask my brother.

I think the saying “We reserve the right to refuse service” is pretty standard and absolutely necessary. I spent too many years working as a waitress not to appreciate this rule, and there were times when I actually did say, “I’m not going to serve you if you keep up that attitude.” It’s incredible how rude people can be. Multiply that by 100 and you have a gaggle of hungry teenagers on their 30 minute lunch period.

If I were La Mina I’d lock the doors and hide behind the counter.