Tuesday, October 02, 2007

God Bless America - And No Body Else!

God is back in the news – in Bakersfield anyway. Chad Vegas (my favorite KHSD board member EVER!) has proposed that posters reading “In God We Trust” be posted in every high school classroom. Apparently he and others believe that by hanging the posters high school students will read them and suddenly be over come with patriotism and… and… What? Run out and join the military? Shouldn’t we be encouraging our kids to stay in school?

The posters were created by Councilwoman Jacquie Sullivan who says, “I think it encourages patriotism in our students, which is love of God and love of country, regardless of what god you worship.” I have a little problem with this comment. I mean if loving your country is the same as loving your God “regardless of what god you worship” then why are we not more understanding of the Iraqis? Aren’t they just being good patriots? If we admire our own patriotism so much, why do we think they’re crazy? Probably because they are and we’re not – we just want everyone to do what we say.

I think the fact that Vegas and Sullivan think putting these posters in the classrooms will inspire the students just goes to show they haven’t spent much time around high school kids lately. Most of them couldn’t give a rat’s ass. They’re too busy thinking about their friends, and their girlfriends, and their boyfriends, and where they’re going to go, and what they’re going to wear, and oh-my-god! he moved me into the #1 spot on his MySpace! Oh – and sometimes about school.

Let’s not give them any more distractions shall we?