Thursday, October 18, 2007

Signing Off

I’m heading to Vegas tomorrow to see Flo and usher in my 40th birthday with a bang. That way if people ask me about how my birthday was I can say I can’t tell them because it happened in Vegas and everybody knows what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Therefore my 40th birthday only happens in Vegas and I’m not really 40 after all. You just can’t argue with logic like that. Not that y'all care, but I'm going with Oscar and my other BFF DeeDee and another friend I think I'll call Thor. Thor is a fun guy and doesn't seem gay even a little bit (cough, cough.) He's had his feelings hurt a little that I never talk about him here on my blog, but considering how unmercifully Dee Dee and I tease him, you'd think he'd be glad I'm not doing it on the internet too.

I’m kinda bummed though I'm not going to be around because my friend Amy in NY is going to be in town this weekend and I probably won’t get to see her or her lovely husband. I went to high school with Amy and she is the person most responsible for getting me blog. She begged, and she pleaded, and she cried, and she nagged, and howled, she yowled. It really was pitiful. Or at least that’s how I like to remember it.

Anywho – her husband is also a writer and they’re going to be in town to hold a book signing at Barnes & Noble. How cool is that? He wrote a novel titled The Malice Box. Again – how cool is that? The signing is this Sunday, Oct 21st at 2:00. Y’all should totally go cuz I would if I could but I can’t. Plus Amy and Martin are totally cool people and Martin has a cute little British accent.

I asked Amy what the book is about and this is what she told me. "The Malice Box is a thriller set in NYC (and a bit f England) involving some bad guys who want to sort of blow up Manhattan, unless the good guys can decode a puzzle that's basically hidden within the architecture of Manhattan. Ancient alchemical secrets, mysticism, and as one reviewer called it "Harry Potter with nipple clamps." (Not terribly accurate, but that line cracks me up.) " Sounds good to me.

Somebody get one signed for me and I’ll be your best friend forever.