Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Heart Ducks!

There have been several pictures in the paper lately of people feeding the ducks at Central Park. They recently put a big fence all the way around the park while they complete the renovation. Now the ducks are sort of trapped inside and people like Oscar and I have been going down there and hucking bread over the fence. We go so often the ducks go nuts the minute they see my car. There are also a few cats down there we give cat food to and it turns out the ducks like that too.

Unfortunately the disruption has not been good for the ducks. There’s an article in the paper today talking about how some of ducks have been found dead. Ducks aren’t exactly the brightest animals in the world. I think sometimes they forget they can fly. They may not be very smart, but they are very loyal and that’s what I like about them. They mate for life. There’s no crazy duck swinging going on down at Central Park. If fact, when workers found the dead ducks each of them had there mate standing next to them. How sweet is that?

I’m sure glad Oscar is my Duckie.