Thursday, January 10, 2008

Feeling Foggy

It’s foggy today. Not pea soup, thick, dreary fog like we used to get, but still pretty foggy. Growing up on what was the very edge of town, I remember foggy days that seemed to go on forever. We’d have days and days of fog delays when we'd get to sleep in and thank God for the fog. After a while though, it gets old.

Dense fog is a weird thing. Staring into it, trying to make out an image, or a light or something, there is a strange sense of blindness. It’s very different from dark blindness. Fog makes you light blind. It’s a different kind of cold too. Snow cold is crisp and sharp. Fog cold penetrates the bones and the soul. It’s grey, wet, deep, and it has a funny way of sapping your will to live.

Yet somehow I still sort of miss the fog of my childhood.