Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Giving Waist High Her Fix

I’m posting today because Waist High won’t stop pestering me with all of her whining, and crying, and throwing herself on the ground in fits screaming about how she loves and misses me. Okay, okay! Here’s a post! Take her off suicide watch now.

Actually I was thinking about giving up the whole blog thing all together. I have much better things to do when I get home now (*wink*wink*) and I know this sounds strange, but I think I should actually do some work when I go to work sometimes. Besides, I started out blogging about Bakersfield because no body else was doing it. Now everybody and their dog have a blog about Bakersfield. YAWN! What do y’all think? (I’m probably talking to the air here. And Waist High. I think everyone else quit checking it.) Anyway, while I’m here, I may as well dish a little about what’s going on around in town.

Probably the biggest news is all about the chick from Bakersfield who killed two people in Washington. Why would a pretty, well liked, quiet 22 year old with her whole life ahead of her kill two people you ask? Because she’s a nut job. I mean, I’ve been jealous before, but I never thought to myself, “Ya know what would make me feel sooo much better? If I murder two innocent people and then pour acid on their dead bodies. Goody!” Who does crap like that? Nut jobs, that’s who.

Now she’s going to spend the rest of her life in a military prison kicking herself in the ass.

Other news…. The Padre Hotel may soon be up and running again! YEA!!! Somebody finally purchased the gutted building and has plans to fix it up into – guess what!?! A hotel!! Genius!

Now Waist High will have some place to stay after she staggers out of the Alley Cat.