Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nasty News

Yikes. There’s been some very disturbing news going on in Bakersfield lately. A group of teenaged boys savagely beat an 81-year-old man to death. Ezequiel Perez was out collecting cans early Saturday morning when the boys jumped him and stole his cans. Then they left and came back later to beat him some more. Dear God. What happened to these kids to turn them into such beasts? I can not imagine. My heart goes out to the Perez family. Mr. Perez died on Father’s Day, leaving behind a wife and eight children.

Of course people are outraged - some more so than others. On the blogs one person actually called for a “hanging.” I will never understand why some people think the proper response to violence is more violence. Although I admit this next news item does make me want to hit someone.

A former football player and coach from Centennial High School, Michael Turman, was arrested recently for owning and distributing child pornography. He admitted to being addicted to the stuff and told investigators that enjoying viewing images of young boys and that he didn’t know how to stop himself. Oh boy! This dude is messed up on so many levels. He has a wife and two kids whose lives he has now completely screwed up. Nice work. And he claims that being molested at a young age is what messed him up. I will never get that, but I admit I am no expert. It just doesn’t make sense to me that if something awful happened to you at a young age, that you’d be sexually aroused by seeing imagines of that same awful thing.

Not me. No sir.