Friday, June 20, 2008

"She was cute when she was little!"

This is our dog Rita laying on a pile of laundry. Rita likes to lay on top of things, sort of like a cat, but her favorite thing in the whole, wide world to lay on is my head. Rita doesn't just love to snuggle, she's brought it to a whole new level. She doesn't just want to be close to me, she seems intent on actually burrowing into my skin.

We keep the door closed and Rita out of our room while we sleep because she is entirely too in the way. In the morning as soon as she hears us stirring she gets up and waits by the door ready to spring into action. As soon as the door opens, just a little bit, Rita races towards the bed, leaps ten feet into the air, and lands nose first on my head. Then she proceeds to neck with me. Not, not that kind of neck. She uses her cold, pointy little nose and pries her way between my neck and the pillow, then she climbs backs over again. Over and over again she circles my neck until Oscar finally lifts her off me. As sweet as she is, it isn't really a very pleasant way to wake up every morning.

Is it any wonder I have give Rita the nickname Chupacabra?