Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Who Don't Do That?

The residents of Bakersfield may not be too keen on mandatory curbside recycling, but you can your ass the bums in town are jumping for joy at the possibilities. Ever since Oscar and I moved into our new house last November I’ve noticed an awful lot of people going through the blue bins every other Tuesday. Anything of any value is fished out, which is fine by me – as long as it gets recycled. However, a couple of them took their searched a little too far yesterday.

Oscar had the day off a left home for a short time to run some errands. We have one of those old homes with the long driveway on the side and the garage in the backyard. Usually we keep the gate closed, but sometimes we just keep the dog in the house and leave it open for connivance sake, which is what he did. When he got home he found two bikes saddled with plastic bags full of cans in the driveway and two elderly gentlemen in our backyard riffling through the blue bin. Dude!

Oscar read them the riot act and reminded them they are trespassing etc. Their response? - “We didn’t know!” Apparently they find it perfectly acceptable to enter a stranger’s backyard when no one is home and help them selves to whatever they may find.

Geez. The trash isn’t even safe anymore.