Thursday, January 08, 2009

Posting Away Again

Okay, so here’s the post I promised Waist High to get her off my back. (I was unable to attach a link for some reason. Sorry WH!) Apparently she doesn’t realize that when a blogger doesn’t post for over two months that it’s a pretty good indication said blogger has lost her steam. Unlike like Waist High and her “staff” Bake Town is just written by ME.

I feel bad for letting y’all down. I really do. But the whole blogging thing just doesn’t seem to fit into my life at the moment. It fit beautifully when I was single and bored. In fact it may have saved my life. I was the Queen of Bake Town blogging there for awhile and it was fun. I had a great ride. And I hate to disappoint all you devoted readers who keep on encouraging me not to give up, so let me just say that for now, I’m taking a break. Things change all the time, and I’m not saying I will never blog again. I’m just enjoying my honeymoon period with my new husband, and sitting around pecking at a keyboard doesn’t really fit in, if you know what I mean.

Besides, when I started Bake Town there were just a handful of us local bloggers. Now there are a bajillion. True, none of them have my insight, or wit, or lyrical writing style, but you can at least read about what’s going on. Like how for the past two weeks the sky has been battleship grey and will most likely remain that way for the next 10 years.

Interesting stuff, huh?