Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Do ewwww!

There is a newly wed couple in Kernville none to pleased with how their wedding went. Not because the flower girl tripped or the mother-in-laws got into a fist fight (I actually saw that one happen for real) but because the minister who married them is a convicted child molester. (No – he’s not Catholic.)

Johnny and Wendy Otero wanted a small wedding in their home, so they picked up a list of people licensed to perform the ceremony from the Kern County Clerk’s office. The couple chose Russell Berry from the list, and stopped by to help the pair tie the knot. Later, when Wendy showed her wedding photos to her teenaged daughter, the girl pointed out that the minister is a child molester. What I want to know is - how the hell did she know that? Does she sit around checking out the whack jobs on Megan's Law website all day? (If so - whew! I'm glad I'm not the only one.)

Johnny and Wendy were so upset by the whole thing they canceled their honeymoon and are planning to have another ceremony officiated by someone else creepy - and their raising hell with the clerk’s office. Ann Barnett, the KC auditor, basically said ‘Hey man! That’s your problem - not mine! We just print out the list.’ Of course this is the same chick who chose to not marry ANYONE rather than marry THE GAYS! (I bet she’s fun to hang out with.)

My favorite part to this whole story is the minister/sex offender’s response to the outrage – “There’s a lot of ministers that have criminal pasts.”

Hmmm…. maybe he is Catholic after all.