Friday, May 15, 2009

Sick News

There's a couple of seriously bizarre and disturbing stories in the news this morning. Yesterday morning and entire family was shot up and it seems that no one knows who did it. (The picture above was in the paper today, along with little red dots showing how many times each person was shot. I don't know why I found this hilarious.) The father, Anthony Walker, was shot 8 times. Apparently he is one tough cookie, cuz he didn't die. His pregnant wife, Marisha, was shot four times and she also survived, but her unborn child did not. Two children, both aged six and yet somehow not twins, were also shot. Evidently someone really didn't like this family.

The second story is even more disturbing. A four year old boy was found naked and bleeding on the floor of his home by his neighbors. After being taken to the hospital he told authorities, "Daddy ate my eyes." WAIT! WHAT!?! Yup his obiviously crazy as hell father litterally bit his son's eye out AND HE ATE IT!!! Oh. My. God. He tried to eat the other one too and severly damaged it. The he took an axe to his own leg and tried to hack it off.

This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, "Daddy's having a bad day."