Monday, August 30, 2004

Baken' ain't bad.

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I had some time and I’ve been wanting to look up some Bake Town stats so here they are. We all know that Bakersfield is associated with hot weather, but according to, the average annual temperature is only 65.4º. The average high temperature is 84.1º and the low is 47.8º. And of course, there is hardly any humidity. Sounds pretty good to me.

Besides the balmy weather, Bakersfield offers affordable living. These stats change all the time (as do all stats) but the most recent I found is that the average price for a home is $133,000 – making home ownership within reach for the average American family.

However, noting the lack of libraries, museums and other cultural attractions, I thought it was interesting to note that there are 59 bars within a 30-mile radius of downtown Bake Town.

That explains all those drunkards we keep hearing about.