Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Have a nice day.

Smile! Posted by Hello

Here’s another good example of why Bake Town is a nice place to live. I was checking out at TJ’s yesterday when an elderly woman came in and asked if anyone had found a purse. After a search it was determined the purse was not there. The woman and I exited at about the same time so I began to talk to her. She asked me if I would call her cell phone and see if she could hear it ringing so I obliged but the purse remained missing. She told me she thought she may have left it on the child seat of her shopping cart and that maybe the driver of the one of the nearby trucks had seen it, so she decided to wait. I told her I would drive through the parking lot and look for the security guard that is usually present and send him her way. I didn’t find the security guard, but a short time later my phone rang. It was Bernita and she told me the man in the truck had seen the purse and picked it up and was looking for the owner. Isn’t that nice? She found her purse and Bernita called me to thank me for my help and concern.

Ya just don’t get any nicer than that.