Thursday, August 26, 2004

Head of the Pride

Mayor Harvey Hall Posted by Hello

Robert Price said it best in his column yesterday, “Three jeers for everyone involved in the latest only in Bakersfield fiasco.” I wonder how long the war will rage in the paper over this one. (People are still writing letters and arguing about the Ashley Castle street name thing!) A headline on front page of the Californian today reads, “Mayor no stranger to honoring gay pride.” According to city records Hall declared June 30, 2001 to be Pride Fest Day. He’s keeping quiet now that there’s a controversy swarming, but he did offer a prepared statement saying the “opposition to the proclamation disappointed him and he had a hard time deciding to reverse the proclamation.” That’s a little hard to believe when he claims that the 60 complaints he received where the voice of the majority.

Bakersfield may be a small town, but we ain’t that small.