Thursday, August 26, 2004

Pants on fire, Scott?

I think he needs to drop the 'son' from his name. Posted by Hello

I have to admit I have been obsessed with the whole Scott & Laci Peterson case for some time now. I honestly did not believe he did it at first. I’m sure of it now. What a scumbag. So, I thought it was funny when I heard recently that he claimed he was in Bakersfield at one point – lying like a rug as usual. Waist High asked, “In a serious attempt to cover your ass (murder), why would you say you were in Bakersfield or Buttonwillow of all places?” I think its because nobody would claim to be here unless they really were. Bake Town is the perfect alibi.

At least Court TV got the name right. The article I was just reading says, “He later told his father he was in Bakersfield and two friends he was in the town of Buttonwood.”

Wood, willow – whatever.