Friday, September 10, 2004

Bake Town Radio Sucks (except KLLY)

I’ve been wondering what was going on. Everyday when I get to work I tune the radio to Mark & Brian. But lately all I hear is music. Today I find an article from Sep. 2nd announcing the changes. Clear Channel Radio (who apparently owns most of the stations around here) is changing the hip-hop station KKXX to a county station called KBKO (K-Bako!!) They’re getting rid of the adult contemporary station K-Lite (which I have to admit I listen to occasionally) AND they’re replacing Mark & Brian with a local morning show!! Booooo!! Hissss!! Idiots!

Clearly its time for me to move.

1 comment:

  1. It's all about internet Radio.

    Radio Paradise is a great "Listen with your parents" rock station.

    KFOG is full of the "gray-haired pony-tail" music.

    For the harder rock, I tune into Energy X.

    And finally, if you're an old Jazz fan like I am, it's all about Digitally Imported Jazz.

    Alright enough of that. Time for sleep.