Friday, September 10, 2004

A Friday morning drive

I had the day off and I was on the East side of town anyway, so I decided to take a drive and snap some photos for the blog. First I stopped at Carl’s Jr. for a bite, which was a very bad idea. I sat in the drive through for nearly 20 minutes watching my soda get warm. (I orded the Croissant Sunrise and it was without a doubt the nastiest thing I have ever had the misfortune to put into my mouth.)

I got so bored I started taking pictures.
This is what used to be JC Scotts. Now it’s La Mina Cantina.

After gaging on my food I headed to the canyon.
I wanted to see what the latest death toll is.
It hasn’t gone up as much as I thought it would’ve.

Walking back to my car I spotted this sign which I’ve never noticed before.
How funny, one sign going into the canyon says “Stay Out”
and the other sign coming out of the canyon says “Hurry Back!”

This is the road back to town.

Next I decided to go to the bluffs and check out the view.
The little dots on the top of the hill to the right are
tiny trees the city planted recently to spruce up the place.
They also added grass and a path. It looks pretty good.

After walking around a bit I noticed this marker,
which I have never seen before. Kinda cool – thanks Texaco.

So that’s about it for today.
Here’s a pic from my car driving back into town.

I nearly lost my life getting this one.

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  1. Awesome pictures. Only 216. Wow, either people are learning to read or the economy is doing so badly that no one can afford the gas to drive out there.