Saturday, September 04, 2004

Genius at work

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Now this is funny. There’s an article in the paper today about a Daleian who escaped from Lerdo. The first time he was arrested he jumped into the river to try and get away. Idiot. He was rescued before he managed to drown. This time he got some wire cutters and just ran like hell. He said he wanted to see his girlfriend “one last time.” (His ‘girlfriend’ being a sack of crank.) Unfortunately his sense of direction was somewhat lacking – he ended up in Rosedale instead of Oildale. There he stole some poor kid's bike, and pedaled his way to Oildale. The Sheriffs met him there.

He said "he comes from a good, accomplished local family but because of drugs and being a "knucklehead," he can't get his life on track.”