Thursday, September 09, 2004

Morton Man

Mr. Robert Martinez of Bakersfield doesn’t seem to think much of The Zubia family. Sixteen year-old Amanda Zubia’s body was recently found decomposing in a barrel in East Bakersfield. She had been kidnapped, tortured, burned and beaten for 3 days before she finally died of suffocation. It was a truly horrifying news story and everyone was talking about it for days. Five people were arrested in connection with the murder and one suspect is already dead, found beaten to death in his cell. As if all this isn’t bad enough, Mr. Martinez has taken upon himself to rub salt into the wounds of the Zubia family and all teenage girls who do not behave properly.

Here are some portions of his letter published in the paper today –

“Please, stop it with the Amanda Zubia stuff! ….. My God, she had a child when she was in junior high, she was probably a high school drop out… and she supposedly stole drugs….” “Oh, and here’s a little advice for all you teenage girls out there: Don’t get pregnant, don’t use or steal drugs and don’t wait around for religion or the Bakersfield Adult School to save you.”

Sounds like a very pleasant man to hang around.. cough…