Thursday, September 09, 2004

The streets were a frenzy

As my mother and I drove to Bill Lee’s to pick-up dinner last night, we couldn’t help but wonder where all the old people all dressed up were going. “Oh!” my mother gasped, “I forgot Governor Schwarzenegger is in town!” Yes, he’s baaaccckkk. This is his fourth visit to Bake Town since he ran for election and he greeted those who coughed up enough money to attend with “I love coming back here, this place is sizzling.” No pun intended. He then proceeded to joke about how the upcoming Presidential election could go either way, “kind of like the New Jersey governor.”

Believe it or not, not everyone was in support of the governors visit. About 10 members of local Assemblywoman Nicole Para’s re-election campaign stood outside complaining about something totally irrelevant and about 4 members of Peace Bakersfield milled around looking out of place.

It was quite a spectacle.