Monday, September 13, 2004

On the front page of the paper today is a huge picture of an accident scene where a Sheriff’s deputy was killed. They’re investigating the accident and all they’re saying right now is that he died on Tupman Road near the town of Tupman. I didn’t know there was a town named Tupman. So, I looked it up and I discovered it’s sorta inbetween Buttonwillow and Taft. Then I learned that Taft is divided into four areas, Ford City, South Taft, Taft and Taft Heights. This struck me as being funny. I mean… It’s Taft! Then I remembered a dude I saw the other day that had on a “I heart Taft” shirt. This also struck me as funny.

Whenever someone tries to make fun of me for living in Bakersfield, my reply has always been, “At least its not Taft.” Sorry Taftonians.