Monday, September 13, 2004

The Streets of Bakersfield

I had to do some running around town today so I took my camera to capture some pics of the Streets of Bakersfield for y’all. Most of these places should look familiar.

I start out at Oak St. & Rosedale Hwy. There is a used car lot on the corner.

As I head down the road I notice the traffic is backed onto the freeway (again.) We have some seriously messed up on & off ramps in this city.

A view from my car as I head toward Rosedale.

Rosedale has become the epitome of urban sprawl.

And White Flight.

This is a long road with many, many tract home developments beyond its brick walls.

Waiting a red light I wonder once again who actually orders from “Schwan’s” and why?

I had to pull over for this pic – it was just too perfect. On the next corner over there was a poster nailed to pole advertising a Gun show on September 11th.

Heading East on Hageman Rd. A pretty typical view around here, the mountains just barely visible in the distance.

I thought this was funny. A pick-up with a couple of dirt bikes and R.I.P. Vinny painted on the window.

Another view of Rosedale Hwy.

Just off Highway 99.

Beach Park, where all the homosexuals used to hang out.

Also home to our Visitors Center.

Next I take the freeway to save time.

Our one big bridge is covered in gang tags.

California Ave and school has just let out - hence all the buses.

Heading East on Truxtun Ave.

A couple of views of some of the nicer streets in town.

I find my son walking home and stop to pick him up.

The End