Tuesday, September 07, 2004

That ain't trash

Joy Kennedy of Arvin wrote a letter to the Editor today suggesting that Kern County residents need to show more concern for their environment and start recycling. Duh! There are plenty of us that have been saying that for years. The fact is most people here either a) don’t know any better or b) don’t care.

We have the second worst air quality in the entire nation yet every day I see more Hummers, SUVs, and oversized trucks idling in the newest drive though coffee shop. Our roads which were originally built to handle a few pick-ups and some farm equipment are now congested with soccer moms and business men trying to get back home to the urban sprawl neighborhood they helped create. Our roads and the freeway are a mess! Nobody counted on all those Los Angelians moving up here. And recycling? Fuggittabouit.

The City of Bakersfield came up with a voluntary program where, if you wanted to you could buy a blue recycling bin for $80 bucks a year and then they would come pick your stuff. I think I heard the response was somewhere around 20%.

No wonder LA thinks it okay to dump their trash here. Maybe after more of them are living here things will finally start to change.