Wednesday, September 01, 2004

That was a close one!

Thinking about the party after the game? Posted by Hello

Sure, this has nothing to do with Bakersfield, but as I promised, I will do my best to answer all requests, and somebody in Bake Town (there’s the correlation!) asked me to blog about my thoughts on the whole Kobe Bryant thing. So here goes. At the risk of pissing off my male readers I would have to say that I think Kobe is an incredible athlete and a humongous A-hole. However, those 2 things do not necessarily mean he’s a rapist. I have not kept right on top of this story because I am too busy a) finding cool things to blog about and b) I’m already keeping on top of the Peterson story – so… From what I have gathered it sounds like the ‘victim’ may have been quite a floozy herself (which does not mean she is incapable of being raped.) But, the fact that she began to waffle and then filed the civil suit before the criminal case was settled damages her credibility. The fact that the case was thrown out today tells me the whole story was bunk and the ‘victim’ is really a money grubbing whore who got what she deserved.

Just kidding about that last part.