Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Here ya go Joe!

photo stolen from waist high Posted by Hello

I had been planning on driving out to the canyon to take a current pic of the famous “Stay Out – Stay Alive” sign, but I haven’t had a chance so I stole this from Waist High because Joe Nobody wanted to see it. I am so excited to have regular readers (outside of my immediate family) I have decided I am now taking requests. Tell me what you would like to see or know about and I will do my best to grant your wishes (within reason of course.)

And you can keep your complaints to yourself.


  1. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Is Hollywood Liquors still in Bake Town? If it is, photographic evidence would rock. As I recall, it was on Planz (?) past Union around Cottonwood (?).

  2. Okay – I’m on it. I don’t get out to that region regularly (mmmm… I think maybe twice in 36 years (on accident) but I promise to do my best! Thanks again and keep ‘em comin! I

  3. Who in the hay wanted to know about Hollywood Liquors? That was a little Waist High-ish. Anonymous? Why? Reveal yourself!

  4. Wow, I can't believe you found that picture. I used to go rock climbing and river rafting out there. This is awesome; it's like my own little photo album of Bako.

    Here's another request. Dewars. Nobody up here has ever heard of them, but every New Year when I bring up the chews, they all devour them.

    Here's one more another. The view from Panorama up by BC. All those oilrigs out there was at the same time breathtaking and depressing. It personified Bakersfield for me growing up.

    Okay, on a final note here's things I would like pictures of that I'll never see.
    1. The Stockdale Six. I worked there in High School and College.
    2. BHS without the fences.
    3. The Twilight Zone-ish sign outside of Bakersfield "Come for a visit. Stay for a lifetime."

    Keep the posts coming.

  5. Check the archives - you will find Dewars.

  6. I do not see Hollywood liquors in the white pages. There is however a Hollywood Shoe & Luggage repair and Western Wear store!

  7. Dude, Stockdale Six has been closed for years. I think the only unchanged business in that whole shopping center is the Baskin Robbins on the corner.

    Hey Bake Town, how about a picture from the cow birthing ring at the great Kern County Fair? It's that time of year, isn't it?

  8. Anonymous3:10 PM

    It's Brandi. The Stockdale Six is now a FACTORY 2 U.