Wednesday, September 01, 2004

What to do??

Today’s “Eye Street” section of the paper has all the big events planned for this month listed by date. Wow! We have nine special days this month! Including (but not limited to) Mesa Marin Races on the 2nd, Billy Idol at Stramler Park on the 8th and the Wasco Rose Festival the weekend of the 10th. My favorite is the 10th annual “Brews in the Village"on Sat. September 11th! Yes, while the rest of the nation takes a moment to remember and honor those who lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks, hoards of Bakersfiedians will be getting tanked on thousands of tiny cups of beer.

This should erase all lingering doubts that Bake Town is a boring place to be.


  1. Born at Memorial hospital back in the seventies, I moved out of B-Town in 95. Wow, almost ten years!

    I headed up north for the more temperate climate of the Bay Area. However, Bako is my home. I had to move to San Jose because I missed the heat SF lacked.

    My favorite place in Bakersfield has been closed for some time - The Padre. That bar had class, interesting characters, a nice bartender and you could actually have a conversation. I hear they're turning into an office complex or condos or some nonsense. Now when we head down to flat land and decide to go out it's either the Silver Fox or the Mint.

    Anyway, Keep up the Bako love.

  2. Cool... thanks for the comments. See you at the Mint!