Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Remember the Alamo!

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Joe Nobody brought up a good point. I have talked about many of Bake Town’s entertainment venues, but I have failed to mention The Padre. Ah yes. The Padre evokes fond memories for many folks – the piano bar, the blow up doll on the swing, the bums and the drag queens - The Padre is missed. (Most patrons relocated with Terry the bartender to The Silver Fox.) Pacifica Enterprises (the big out of town business that bought the building and “fixed it up”) has announced that it will remain a fancy hotel… so that’s kinda cool.

Chances are there'll be a bar in there somewhere.

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  1. Cool, I'm in a Blog!

    We always called Terry "Trixy". I never really knew why, but that's what we called him. Of course, I was called "Rosemary's Baby". So go figure.

    As a kid going out to the river I always got a kick out of the sign going into the canyon. "175 people have drowned in the Kern River sine 1975." Every year it would go up a couple more people. There was always a sick fascination heading towards the canyon, "What's the sign going to be at this time?" I looked for a picture on line, but couldn't find one.