Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Conference Time

The Bakersfield Business Conference is this weekend. This is the 20th Anniversary. Instead of building a giant tent this year they’re holding the event downtown in streets surrounding Centennial Garden. Great – downtown is going to be even crazier this weekend.

I wish I could sneak in. John Cleese is going to be there. It’d be cool to see him. Also speaking are Dennis Miller, Julie Andrews and Dr. Hubbard. Cooollll. Of course there’s also dudes like Peter Ueberroth and Neil Cavuto. Boring. There are 22 speakers in all. But the best thing is Herman’s Hermits is playing! I thought they were dead. If only I had $425 bucks to blow.

Quotes from the website about past conferences:

"A lawyer planned a picnic in California's rural heartland and 9,600 decided to come--including three former presidents," wrote the Associated Press Sacramento Bureau Chief, Doug Willis, in a 1993 story that was picked up by newspapers around the nation. Residents of Bakersfield have always known this "All American City" has much to offer. Thanks to the Conference, the world is seeing Bakersfield in a new light.”

"BusinessWeek Magazine writes, "The event counters the image of the city as Hicksville...Any event that can turn a dusty little California town into a Mecca for the rich and famous invites imitation."

So, Bakersfield is going to be blugging at the seems with famous people this weekend. If they only knew how close they are going to be to the ghetto. I hope know body takes a wrong turn.