Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Space Hogs


So a guy from Mojave won 10 million bucks for building a mini space ship and flying into sub-orbital space twice. That’s pretty cool and all, but I’m not impressed with the goal of all this space work. A bunch of billionaires are hoping to provide trips into sub-orbital space for wealthy people by 2007. Hello…wealthy people are already taking trips into space!! Remember the rich dude that took a ride on one those space shuttles? And he went into orbit! None of this sub-orbital wussy stuff. I want to go into orbit (insert giggle here). What’s up with all this “let’s take the rich folks to space” b.s.? Why not shoot to make it affordable for everybody to go by 2007. Besides, if they're so freaking rich that they can afford to go to space, don’t you think there’s better things they can do with their money? Like Oprah. I love Oprah. Gimme a car.

Stupid, greedy rich people. Keeping space all to themselves.

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  1. Yeah, Yeah. I agree with you. The rich get everything. Even space.

    But what's important to note here is that this is a step in the right direction. Before this, the government owned space. Now, it's open to anyone rich. Well, those rich people are going to need us poor people to make their life just as easy up there as we've made it down here. So, soon enough we'll all be cleaning toilets on the moon.

    You see, there's a bright side to ever dark side of the moon.