Friday, October 22, 2004

Crazy Normal

G uses his power pointer finger to deflect Super Kitty's lazer death ray eyes.

So, today’s the last day of my vacation and things should be back to normal soon. Normal meaning me blogging about stupid crap. The wedding of the century served as some sort of a catalyst for all former Fieldians to come out of the wood work and since I am the Queen, they headed straight for me. I actually had Brothers over here the other day. Even more amazing - the two wussies in San Fran that missed the wedding of the century called me on my birthday! After I came to, I asked them what lame excuse they had for not coming to the wedding of the century and called each of them an ass wipe. I think I handled that perfectly.

The person in the picture above, whom I shall call G, recently moved back to Bake Town after ten years in the Bay area to further support the theory that Bakersfield is not a city at all but one big black hole. There’s no escaping it. Even if you do manage to break free some how you will always be drawn back, if only for news, which is evident by the existence of this blog and waist high.

Speaking of waist high, she was recently dissing us So Calers for not being able to drive in the rain. Uh…hello…this is California remember Land of beautiful weather. Bright, sunny skies. Remember the sun? No of course not. You live in Oregon…land of grey, rainy weather 24-7.

‘suse me… I have to go lay out now.


  1. The "laying out" thing. Well that was just cold!

  2. Anonymous11:44 AM

    If you think my left hand's power pointer finger is something, wait'll you see my right...keep your space, kitty!