Tuesday, October 26, 2004

News Flash Flood

Waist High will be happy to learn The Californian published “Bad weather tips” for all the dumbos that don’t know how to drive in the rain. Tips like “slowing down is key” and “allow a greater distance to stop” and other such nonsense. I’m sorry, but I think anyone who doesn’t already know this stuff should immediately have his/her license revoked.

Also in the paper today – there’s an article about something that might possibly be news in the future. It’s a rumor really. The paper is reporting a rumor. The rumor is a new airline is going to provide direct flights to Mexico, which would mean we’d have to have a U.S. customs service at Meadows Field, which would mean Bakersfield is officially all growed up. I’m real excited about this rumor. I like the idea of jumping on a plane and heading to Mexico for the weekend.

We also have more Fair results today. Pauline Jenkins got “Best of Show” with her sugared nuts and Chyrill Sandrini won first place for her Spam recipe.

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  1. Baby cow news??? Fair/cow/news/pictures???