Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Take me out

I love October. May is good too, but October is better. My birthday is in October, as is my son’s and numerous other friends. The weather is practically perfect. Mid 80’s in the day and lowish 60’s at night. There is Halloween, autumn leaves and Oktoberfest. My best friend in the world is getting married this October and I get to be in the wedding! And…best of all…most importantly of all…there is baseball. Post-Season, Play-0ff, World Series baseball. It’s the only sport that combines athleticism, team work, strategy, math and drama. It’s the only major league sport without cheerleaders OR a time limit (it aint over till it’s over, baby.) No other sport can claim to be as rich in tradition, history and mysticism. And it’s the only sport, where in the middle of the game (well, not exactly the middle), everybody stops to sing a song (regardless of team loyalties) of love & joy to the only game that truly embodies the American spirit. Anybody who thinks baseball is boring just isn't smart enough to know better.

Life just doesn’t get any better than this.


  1. I don't think baseball is boring. I agree that it has the most history and tradition, etc. But better than my wedding?

  2. You're right. Sorry. Of course, I am terrified of bawling my eyes out, but other than that I am really looking forward to it. Except the speech - that scares me too. But other than that.....