Monday, March 28, 2005

Hell Hole Whores

Like many bloggers, I enjoy checking out my site meter to see what readers were searching for when they discovered my site. I posted a list of some of the searches I found most interesting or funny back in February. A new one I found recently was the search for “Bakersfield, CA hell hole.” I can’t imagine why anyone would refer to our fair city as a hell hole.

The thing I find most interesting is how many times I have found searches for “Bakersfield whores.” Are they really expecting to find a web site featuring a bunch of prostitutes giving out details on which corner of Union Avenue to find them on? Is this person (who apparently has to pay for sex) so selective about his whores that he only wants those from Bakersfield? Are Bakersfield whores different somehow from whores in other towns? I really want to know.

Hey – wait a minute... Why is Bake Town the #4 hit for Bakersfield whores??