Sunday, March 13, 2005

I's adora Izzadora

I’m exhausted. Today I got up early and went to church, had a big lunch with my family, visited with my friend and her baby, then drove across town to visit with another friend and help her grade essays. While I was there a third friend called asking for a babysitter, so I drove back across town and loaded up the kid. From there I went back to the first friend’s house and introduced Clara to Izzadora. They liked each other immediately.

After tearing apart Clara’s room, Izzy and I headed to Rosa’s for dinner. I have another friend who works there. Izzy and I enjoyed a good meal together. She particularly liked the bread and the olives. But it was a special piece of lettuce that she decided to place on top of her head for safe keeping.

After eating, Izzy determined it was getting hot in there, so she tried to take off all her clothes. She sort of got stuck about half way through and then decided that was good enough.

After leaving we headed back to my friend’s (the one with all the essays) house way out off of Fairfax. There Izzy amazed us with her ability to run up and kick a soccer ball with absolute perfection. This chick is a natural.

Around 10 o’clock I started back to Izzy’s house. Hoping to conk her out, I drove real slow along the bluffs. When it was clear I was going to fall asleep before she was, I went ahead and took her home.

I had a great time seeing my friends and playing with Izzy today, but I gotta tell you – I’m real glad I get to sleep through the night. I can't wait to go to bed.