Monday, March 14, 2005

Matildakay's Top Ten

I FINALLY received another "Top Ten places to go in Bakersfield" list to share with y’all. The lovely and talented Matildakay has a great list that includes some places I have never been before. I love Italian food but I’ve never eaten at Sorrella’s (I know, I know!) so I’m moving that to the top my list of things to do. Nice work M.K!

(Now the rest of you need to get busy! I want more Top 10!!)

1) Sorrella's Italian Ristorante - My favorite restaurant in Bakersfield-- Great Italian food, great atmosphere, three great beautiful women who own the place.

2) Condors Hockey games at the Rabobank Arena - The games are such great fun, the hockey is exciting to watch and there are great fights too. Conner James and Fukufuji are fan favorites.

3) The Fox Theater - I love watching movies at the Fox Theater. It's the biggest screen in town. The art deco look is cool and when you sit in the balcony and see the twinkling 'stars' on the walls and ceiling around the stage it gives you a very unique movie watching experience.

4) Barnes & Noble Bookstore - I like getting lost in bookstores and music stores for an hour or so... and I really like the way Barnes & Noble is set up compared to Borders. I can find what I'm looking for easily and I feel like I can stay and linger as long as I want.

5) Akira's Japanese food - Another great restaurant in town. They have the best fried rice in town. I love their tepan style food.

6) Jamba Juice - I'm addicted to their Orange Dream Machine smoothies. It's my new comfort food.

7) Pier 1 Imports - I love to window shop there and occasionally I buy something on sale. They have great things on clearance sometimes.

8) Oleander area - I love to walk around and drive around in this area of town and look at all the old and grand houses and all the huge trees in the neighborhoods.

9) The Old Padre bar - When it was open the Padre bar was a great place to hang out.

10) Santiago's Mexican Restaurant - My favorite Mexican family dive restaurant. They have the best margaritas and the best Mexican food in town.