Saturday, March 19, 2005

Time Out

I’ve sort of been out of it lately. I have lots of stuff I want to write about, but my mind just doesn’t seem to be functioning properly. It might have something to do with all the extra hours I’ve been working for Bakotopia. That Dan – he’s a slave driver. To show the extent of my devotion, I actually went to Rockin’ Rodeo last night. (sigh) That place is freaky. But I did have a good time dancing to “White Lines” and taking pictures, which you can see here.

If you scroll down you'll see a little old lady named Gay. (She would always introduce herself by saying "My name is Gay, but I'm not" and then burst into laughter.) She used to be my neighbor. She moved to Fresno about a year ago to be near her kids, so I was really surprised to run into her last night. When I asked about living in Fresno, her reply was “F*** Fresno. I hate that place.” You can see why I miss her so much. That Gay! She's such a card.

Anyway, I decided that instead of worrying about disappointing my devoted readers who are used to about a million posts everyday, I am going to give myself a break and take a little time off. Just today and tomorrow. And possibly Monday. I wonder if I can go that long without suffering from withdrawl?

I’m not breaking up with you – I swear! I just need a little time to think about our relationship.