Thursday, April 14, 2005

I'm Having a Hot (News) Flash

I learned for the first time today that since 1990 there have been plans to build another “cross town” freeway south of Bakersfield. According to The Californian, “The South Beltway, as the future freeway is known, will link drivers on Interstate 5 through to Highway 58, east of Bakersfield.” I had no idea there was talk of building such a freeway. (Then again, I only started paying close attention to local news last year.) Of course, there is a snag. Borba dairy owners, who are planning to build a big, stinky cow farm south of town, are asking that the plans be changed and that the decision to build the freeway be postponed until, “Some studies are done.” Suck my butt Borba. As it is the project won’t be completed until 2020. That’s THIRTY years of planning and building. Good Lord.

Unless it involves closing down a pool it seems hard to get anything done around here.

Former Sheriff Carl Sparks and Kern County are dukeing it out. Last year it was annouced that the County sued Sparks and others saying that they “Approved unauthorized “premium” pay for seven commanders for working holidays, being on-call, SWAT training and other things” and demanded the money back. (Cuz ya know, demanding money is always a good way to handle things.) Sparks and the others countersued, “Saying they’d earned the money” and that the County is a big cry baby. (OK – I added that last part.)

According to Sparks (who looks just like the sweet, little, old man next door) he contacted William Kuhs, the attorney representing the County, and, “Offered to talk to the supervisors about the pay and publicly apologize for not taking it to them for an okay.”

Kuhs reply was somewhere along the lines of ‘Put up or Shut up Bitch.’

Large groups of West High (and other) students were completely quiet in school yesterday. No they were not too stoned to speak. They were protesting discrimination by participating in a national youth movement called “Day of Silence.” Obviously a high school teacher came up with this plan. (It’s too bad someone didn’t come up with the idea when Waist High was there.) That reminds me…Poop for Peace Day on April 15th is just around the corner! You can’t let my son down. He’s going BLIND for heaven’s sake!

The movement was organized by the Gay (YAG!), Lesbian (NAIBSEL!) and Straight (NORMAL!) Education Network. Participating students wore T-shirts bearing quotes from Martin Luther King Jr., littered the campus with cards explaining what they were doing and “Papered the campus with posters.” Interestingly enough an opposing national conservative group is organizing a “Day of Truth” event in response. So far, “There (are) no Bakersfield high schools signed up to participate.” Once this article runs, however, I imagine they will be showing up in droves.

Once each side is done, the national Keep America Beautiful committee will sponsor their own, “Stop Wasting Paper” Day.