Sunday, April 10, 2005

Super Service Dog to the Rescue!

There’s a very interesting article in the local section today about a woman and her service dog. The title of the article is “More than just a pet” and beneath it is a large photo of the woman and a very large black poodle in which they appear to be making out. I know there are a lot of people out there that let their dogs lick their mouths and I’m sorry if I offend any of you, but as far as I’m concerned I do not want ANY animal who just finished licking his own ass to come up and slobber all over my face.

Anyway, the article is interesting because this woman has the service dog to help her with a disability brought on by post traumatic stress disorder. She developed PTSD following a sexual assault. After emotionally collapsing from the trauma she was unable to leave her home for many years until she received her first service dog. I had no idea they had service dogs for people with PTSD.

Apparently an employee at Good Will didn’t know either. The first part of the article is all about how he got into her face demanding to know what the dog was for. According to the paper, the man backed her into a corner, pointed his finger in her face and raised his voice to her. Sounds like that dude REALLY wanted to know what the dog was for. And what was the dog doing during all of this? I would think he could have done something given the fact that he is a service dog. He could have at least peed on the man.

Needless to say the encounter freaked the woman out (which makes sense considering she does have PTSD) and now she’s suing Good Will Industries. (How could anyone sue a company named “Good Will?”) Since the incident the woman says “she has been plagued by sleepless nights, anxiety, nightmares, headaches, sweats, nausea and loss of appetite.” Dang! The only thing missing from that list is diarrhea.

When describing how important her relationship is with her dog the woman said, "I paint his toenails purple. That's my favorite color." I can't help but wonder what the dog thinks.