Monday, April 11, 2005

These bouncers are not made of rubber.

I’ve written several times warning y’all to not mess with the cops in Bakersfield. They like to shoot people. I forgot to also mention that you do not want to mess with the bouncers in Bakersfield either. They like to beat the crap out of people. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a couple of burly men drag a drunk guy out of a bar and beat him bloody. I am not making this up. Sure, the drunk guy probably did something stupid or started a fight and needed to leave, but I don’t think that should translate into having his head pounded into the sidewalk.

The bouncers at Downtown Joe’s are particularly tough. Saturday night after removing Daniel Sepeda for starting a fight, his dead body was found lying in front of the club. I can just imagine the bouncers standing there talking to the cops all wide eyed saying “I dunno. We just asked him politely to leave.” Apparently the bouncers picked the wrong guy to beat to death. The next day taggers had painted “187 on all you bouncers” across the building. According to the paper, “the number 187 is the penal code designation for homicide.”

If the past is any indication all this means is that Downtown Joe’s will close for a while then reopen with a different name. Isn’t that what happened after those people were shot in front of the Bull Pen?