Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Don't Be A Baby!

There’s more information in the paper today about twenty-year-old, Byron Wooten, who drove his car into a group of boys in an effort to run over his cousin, Ronnie Hill. The pair had a history of fighting and Wooten wanted to get back at Hill for beating him up. So when Hill saw Wooten driving through his neighborhood last week, he told him to stop and settle things. Wooten left and returned shortly with his mother, Ruth Lee, who got out of the car and argued with Hill until he pushed her away. She then got back in the car and they began to drive away. That’s when Wooten turned the car around and drove into the crowd of boys. Thirteen-year-old Reggie Johnson was killed and many others were injured. Wooten then attempted to drive away but was stopped by neighbors who then proceeded to beat him up. Wooten is being charged with “murder, attempted murder and hit-and-run resulting in death.”

Seems like Wooten could have saved himself and others a lot of pain if he had just taken his beating like a man. I’m sure it’s a lesson he’ll learn well in prison.