Thursday, May 19, 2005

I found this email in my Bake Town inbox this morning.

How about a running tally that keeps the sign updated? Maybe folks could subscribe and be automatically notified when another sacrifice is served up to the trout. The last summer I lived in Bakersfield, four people drowned over July 4th weekend in three separate incidents.

When I was in Bakersfield, my car had no AC. It was fine until it broke 110 one afternoon.

Thanks for the email dude and thanks for the info about your car. I’ll sleep better tonight. As far as the sign goes, isn’t that what the sign is? It’s a tally of all the people who die in the river. Isn’t it a little macabre to want to be instantly notified every time another Angelino drowns in the Killer Kern?

Love the ideas people, keep ‘em coming but please let’s try and keep things nice around here.