Saturday, May 14, 2005

I was born this way.

Poor Waist High. She’s jealous because more readers find my web site through crazy and funny search strings than they do hers. In an attempt to make her stop calling and leaving threatening messages on my voice mail, I am going to show y'all that Waist High too has some crazy and funny search strings leading to her web site.

For example, there is “ore-ida's history,” “lord love a duck phrase,” “simpsons sleestaks,” and “fake uggs.” Those are all kind of funny right? And I know Waist High will be pleased to learn that she is the #8 hit for “trouts Bakersfield.” She even beat out N.L. Belardes, THE man on the scene here in Bakersfield. That should make her feel better.

All right, I give up. Sorry, W.H. I can’t help it if I’m better than you. But PLEASE stop calling me that name!