Friday, May 13, 2005

News Nips

Twenty-three women working in a vineyard near Arvin were poisoned yesterday when a nearby Orange orchard was sprayed with pesticides. Four women went into convulsions. Firefighters decontaminated the women on site and then all of them were checked out at local hospitals.

According to yesterday’s Californian, “Bakersfield City Council members voted unanimously to advance revisions to the city’s hillside ordinance.” These revisions would place restrictions on development and lets builders know we are not going to allow them to run around doing what ever they want.

Jurors in the Bruce Sons trial are deadlocked. They have been deliberating since last Friday and the Judge has ordered them to continue. The jurors requested to hear some testimony again, including the statements made by people who heard the fight.
If they are unable to reach a decision, a mistrial will be declared and prosecutors could chose to try Sons again.

Two men were arrested in the hit and run accident that killed a young woman crossing the street while pushing a baby carriage. Morales Ornelas (his name rhymes!) admitted that he had been drinking before he struck the woman and that he had panicked and drove off. His nephew was with him at the time and it was through him that they were able to track down Ornelas.

Commissioners finally okayed the proposed plan for the South Beltway. There still is no funding for construction and it could be another 15+ years before they even begin to build. In the mean time, of course, more structures will be built and more people will be unhappy about the plan. Of course, if the beltway isn’t built we ALL are going to be unhappy about it