Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Kitten Kraze

Things must be a little slow at The Californian lately. Over half of the front page of the local section today is picture of a tiny kitten accompanied by a story about how the animal is locked inside. I got to give the photographer, Christina Vance, credit; her picture is a good one. I don’t think anyone with a soul could look at that baby, kitty’s big, blue eyes and not go “Awwwww!” Even my friend DD who hates cats said it was cute.

Some how the kitten found it’s way into a vacant store in a strip mall in Oildale but is unable to find his (her?) way back out again. Animal control was called but they cannot legally break into the building so a key is being sent to unlock the door. According to the article, concerned citizens “slipped chicken from Taco Bell, cat food and water through the door.”

Just what every kitten needs, a little fast food fix.