Wednesday, May 04, 2005

My Modern Mama

My friend DD and I had lunch with my Mother today, as we often do because my Mom watches her baby and she makes really good egg salad sandwiches. While we were eating my mother mentioned that there is an article in Reader’s Digest about bloggers. Then she pointed at me and asked, “That’s what you are right? You’re a blogger?” I admitted that I was and decided to take the opportunity and tell her it might be a good idea she didn’t read my blog. “Why?” she asked, “What do you talk about? Do you talk about ‘Yo Mamma?” I swear she really did say it like that. She even did the little head bob when she said it. I nearly sprayed my egg salad all over the wall. Sweet little, old gray-haired, good little Christian grannies just don’t talk like that.

I told her I mostly talk about stuff going on in Bakersfield but sometimes I talk about personal stuff and I admitted that I occasionally use bad words. She didn’t bat an eye. Next she asked what kinds of things people are searching for when they find my blog. I told her it’s all sorts of things but that most recently I found someone searching for “Oildale slut pictures” and my site was the first one to pop up. My Mom busted up laughing.

They just don’t make little old ladies like they used to.